Friday, March 25, 2022

Four For Friday - Cast Love

This involves actors and actress who slept with more than one person on a television show. The catch, is they did not star on the show themselves. 

#1 - This foreign born actress peaked at A- list when she was a movie actress. Now she bounces from one television show to the next. Back in the day, she slept with at least two of the main cast in this iconic network show.

#2 - This actor is A list. He may have been A+ list. He is an Oscar winner/nominee and is just as great of a singer as he is an actor. Back when he was first starting out in television, he slept with multiple actresses on this nighttime soap.

#3 - This actor is A list and has been for quite some time He starred in one of the biggest movie franchises of all time and now, does a lot of television. He slept with multiple women from this iconic pay cable show.

#4 - This three named actress is A- list. She has been higher. She has been on some very hit television shows and used to have a fetish for sleeping with guys from Real World.

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