Monday, October 03, 2022

Blind Item #13 - Mr. X - Old Hollywood

There’s a reason you have never seen pictures of these two singers/actresses together at award shows or events. Singer #1, permanent A+ list EGOT, blocked Singer #2, hyphenated A-list foreign born sex symbol, from getting the second female lead role in the movie discussed in the previous BI. She wanted to distance herself from the sexpot roles she was associated with at the time. Singer #2’s screen test for the part was far and away the best of the several actresses who tested for the part.  She even had the movie’s director, permanent A-list actor/entertainer, direct the test and put in a good word for her to the producers. It looked like she was going to get the part, until word got back to Singer #1. She blew her top and threatened to quit if Singer #2 was hired. Singer #1 got her way. 

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