Friday, October 07, 2022

Four For Friday - The Hate

#1 - This back in the day A- list singer from an A- list group is still around, and all of you know who he is, but he doesn't do much. He once was angry at an alliterate singer mentioned earlier today and somehow got backstage at one of her shows and spread his feces all over several of her costumes.

#2 - This foreign born A+/A list singer/songwriter got angry at this one hit wonder from a Commonwealth country because the one hit wonder was mobbed at an outing and the A+/A lister was not. The A+/A lister told everyone he knew not to work the one hit wonder and they haven't. The one hit wonder had his career destroyed because of jealousy.

#3 - This foreign born permanent A list model hired someone to assault this A list model/host/producer to teach her a lesson.

#4 - This actor from an iconic role has had other successful shows, both scripted and not. One of the reasons there has never been a reboot is because none of the actresses from the iconic show like him. 

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