Thursday, October 06, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Fire

I don't know if anyone will get this, but the story needs to be shared. This director has mainly done television. A lot of dramas, including very popular shows. No comedy to speak of, and also wrote and directed a couple of films he produced himself. He can't make it to the big time because no one likes working with him. He is like death. This is not death like an Amber Heard reference from a decade ago, this is, chill to your bones, staring in the eyes of death. One of the things he has pitched to multiple people is a story/script/movie that involves setting a woman on fire and watching her die. Everyone knows he is obsessed with it. The reason, is because when he pitches it, you can see that he has thought about it in great detail and makes you want to go directly to church and dump holy water over yourself after you hear it. There are variations of the pitch, but one of them involves setting a woman on fire and making it look like suicide. Drugging her and then setting her on fire. So, when something like that actually happened in LA a couple months back, every single person who ever heard that pitch from him, immediately thought to themselves he did it. The police are calling it a suicide, but he did it. He couldn't direct it or get anyone to make it, so he did it himself.

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