Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Hazing

They called it hazing. I think it has destroyed this A list singer's life and will ultimately cause him to take his own life. Not enough is spoken about how his dad, had the biggest voice in his ear, telling him to go with the mentors who would make him rich. All of those Bible lessons went out the window when the dad was given a bunch of coke and as many strippers as he could have sex with in a night. Limos and cash and parties and made to feel like a king. So, he would tell his son to go spend time with the A list mentor and his friends. All night at the recording studio? That was fine. Dad was out partying and enjoying the life and never wanted it to end. 

What about the other parent? The other parent was battling depression and drug addiction and was in no condition to offer advice. Not that her son would have listened. Her son was abused and molested, all under the guise of hazing. The son did as he was told because his dad told him it was OK. Now, the son is rich and made his deal with the Devil. He will end up dead. He has way too many demons in his head. Mom is feeling and doing better all these years later. Dad has a significant other, but still sees his son every chance he can get to have a night with his son's very young fans who are usually happy to sleep with him.

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