Tuesday, October 04, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Notebook

I carry three ring notebooks all the time for court, so when I see someone also carrying them, it doesn't really register there is anything wring with it. So, if I see the lawyer of this permanent A list "singer" carrying one to court, there are no alarm bells, but why on earth, would one of her "bodyguards" carry one with him when the singer is around? The next thing you know, I was looking at celebrities who have been rumored to have been part of a mind control scheme over the years, and looked at hundreds, if not thousands of photos. One of the assistants of this one named permanent A list singer always is carrying a three ring binder. Why is not on a phone? Why the binder? Apparently it is so others doing the same thing can readily identify themselves to others.

This A list singer/actress can often be spotted with a woman who one assumed was a publicist or stylist, also carrying one. If you go back to the 70's, there is an actor who once played a superhero and when he is out with actresses he dated, he can often be seen with a three ringed binder. Why would you need that on a date? This former daytime soap star turned nighttime soap star can also be spotted carrying one around on dates with women, as recently as several years ago. 

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