Friday, November 25, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #10 - Anniversary Month

March 12, 2018

Mr. Hedge

A few years ago, a certain aging A+ list Mogul allegedly traveled a considerable distance, to meet up with a far younger man he had been dating.  The young man was a college athlete, in a very high-profile sport.  The Mogul was allegedly caught with this young man in a very embarrassing situation, at a very inappropriate time, in a less than private place.   This college is located in a very conservative part of the country, and it caused quite a scandal. 

The whole thing went downhill for both parties pretty soon afterwards. It was revealed that the Mogul met this young man while he was barely legal, on a website for that sort of thing.

I use the term "allegedly", because recently, it appears as though the Mogul has been somewhat successful at getting the 1st part of the story changed, from what was reported at the time - to cover his exposure.  The 2nd part of the story went through the court system on a couple occasions, which meant that part could not be controlled so easily.

Almost 2 decades ago, the Mogul invested as a minority partner in a certain entertainment company, which was basically a front to get underage boys drugged and raped.

3 young men sued the main operators of this entertainment company for being drugged and raped while underage. They won a court judgement, but sadly got next to nothing, as the company operators had fled the country. 

About a year before he fled the country, the Head Criminal at this company got into a legal dispute with the Mogul.  Court documents revealed 1 of those 3 young men was an aspiring Actor, who left the entertainment company - to go and stay at the Mogul’s house.

Around the same time, this Actor was given a small part in a film, made by a certain A- list Director.  The part, as constructed, didn’t really fit in that particular film's story - but nobody cared.

Of course, our Actor never had a credit in anything else, before or since.  Our Actor never included the Mogul or the Director in any legal action. 

After this all happened, the Actor changed his name and basically disappeared.  Once, in recent years, he briefly reappeared to help the Director defend a lawsuit he was facing. 

David Geffen/Jamie Kuntz/DEN/Marc-Collins Rector/Alexander Burton/Bryan Singer

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