Friday, November 25, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #13 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

April 5, 2018

A recent blind reminded me of this celebrity encounter I had when I was young. My family had the opportunity to attend a huge international sporting event in Kentucky. This was the inaugural competition there so this would have been 4 decades ago. To make an even bigger splash for both the present and international viewing audience, this foreign-born A+ married celebrity opened and attended each day of competition.

We had the opportunity to greet and visit with the celebrity which was a big deal. We also got a chance to witness two behaviors for which he is famous. At a reception, our celebrity compared a young lady's incredibly long hair that was woven into a heavy braid to a horse's tail, and not favorably. I cannot remember exactly how he said it, but I know he told her to cut her hair.  When he said it, there were gasps of embarrassment in the crowd, which were quickly suppressed. The celebrity didn't seem to notice. I remember that the girl, probably 17 or 18 turned bright red. I felt terrible for her to be insulted so personally and publicly.

On this trip, the celebrity was accompanied everywhere by an assistant, never farther away than a few feet, who was a younger, smartly dressed and attractive woman. I myself was too young to notice anything, but my mother, God bless her, remarked to us afterward that she had sharpened butcher knife if our dad ever tried flying around the world with his coochie-coo. I remember this because she cracked herself up. She witnessed the glances, hand brushes and lingering arms around the waist.

On this trip, the celebrity made a much bigger faux pas that caused the print media in his home country and ours to go into overdrive criticizing him, but as we all know, the wife doesn't seem to mind. 

Prince Phillip/Kentucky Derby

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