Monday, November 21, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Her Version - Anniversary Month

It wasn't long after this television show ended, that this at the time A- list actress all of you know, but a lot might not, was at a table at dinner with about ten or twelve people. It was a loud restaurant. When you had a group, the place wouldn't give you a private room, but they did kind of try and shove you in a corner so the noise would not even become louder. I am really not sure why they were worried about that considering the DJ they usually had playing and the Bachelor parties which would always go crazy for the naked woman covered in sushi who would lay upstairs for private parties. Maybe not the classiest of places, but it was fun for its time. 

Anyway, people asked her what happened to the show. I'm sure there was some feigned interest, but there were people who probably were gleeful because they like the misery of others, especially in this town. The show had some big names, especially looking back at it now. One in particular was always going to be too big for it. Plus, everyone was sleeping with everyone else and I have written about that on her before and the jealousy that came of it. The show had a crazy name which also probably doomed it. Our actress talked about the sleeping together and the jealousy and she said that the lead actor on the show who is A list now, beat her when he thought she was sleeping with another male co-star on the show. Our actress was so shocked, she didn't do anything. She did know she didn't want to be on the show any longer and asked to be let out of her contract. Apparently, while this behind the scenes stuff was going on, a production assistant confided in the actress that she too had been hit by the actor after she refused to go home with him one night when he was being mean to her at dinner. She too stayed quiet, because she didn't want to lose her job.

Other than that one dinner party, I have never heard the actress mention it or anyone tell me she mentioned it. It would destroy the carefully crafted image the actor has given himself over the years as one of the nicest guys in town.

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