Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Cruise

There are a group of bands that seemingly form a never ending rotation of former A- listers that roam the seven seas year round playing cruises. It pays better than playing a casino in some out of the way place and you get to pick and choose from fans to sleep with or have your family come along which is super rare. You don't see a lot of family time from any of these band members unless they are making up from something they did the last time out.

There are a lot of really bad things that happen to women on these cruises. Not just from the bands themselves, but also other guys who say they are friends of the band or work in some mysterious capacity with the band and then take advantage of a woman they got drunk, or worse.

Most of the guys in these bands are decent guys. They know they don't have to work all that hard to have sex with someone. If a woman says no, there are others from which to choose. This is not necessarily the case with a drummer from one of those bands. It is only because he is in a group that had any kind of fame that he ever has a chance with women, and he loves the cruises. He loves prowling backstage. The thing is he hates women. Everyone knows he does. He would rather hit a woman than have sex with her. No one knows why exactly. Two decades ago he was a happy go lucky guy, but aging has made him nasty.

The band had a decent run and like I said, they play casinos in the winter and amphitheaters in the summer and make a good living. Most of you would know at least a song or two of theirs. Just before COVID shut everything down, and I mean, just before, the group was playing on one of these ships. There was a woman who was last seen with the drummer. They were seen down on a deck with pools. She was really drunk. Everyone agrees on that. Staggering drunk. Someone thought they heard a scream. Most people agree they heard some kind of thunk like some object hitting the back of a head. When the ship docked the next morning, no one could find her. The band left early and was on a flight home before everyone even had to depart the ship. Then the world went crazy. 

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