Friday, November 25, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #21 - Anniversary Month

May 29, 2018

This band was A+ list and American. I find that typically, the greatest sex offenders from the 70's were members of British bands (yes I am talking to you Jimmy Page). This American band though, seemingly was right there on his level and others. This group, which since its formation has undergone name and personnel changes, was at its peak in the 70's. Much like all their 70's counterparts, they had a following of underage groupies they would regularly get drunk and rape. I'm sure they would all say the groupies consented, but if you are 15 with a 30 something old guy, are you consenting?

Anyway, this band had a policy that if you wanted a backstage pass or to be considered a groupie worthy of going on tour or back to a hotel room or bus, you had to have sex with every single member of the band first. They would get some mid teen female drunk and then rip off her clothes and rape her. Each taking a turn. When they were finished, the other part of the ritual was to ask any of the crew if they wanted a turn. This went on until everyone said no or they were finished. At that point, the band and crew would pretend they had not just raped this person and welcome her into "the family." At that point, each member of the band would decide who she belonged to and she was not given a choice about who would be her regular rapist.

If she ever protested or spoke up she would be beaten and probably replaced. Oh, and if she was on the road with the group, they would just leave her wherever they were and she would have to make her own way home.

Lynyrd Skynrd

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