Friday, November 25, 2022

Blind Items revealed #2 - Anniversary Month

November 8, 2017

Want to know the most corrupt studio? It doesn't really exist any longer. It sure made a lot of money for the people who ran it though. It was like a giant ponzi scheme. The owners siphoned all the money; took money from investors; and even raided a bank to the tune of $100M before stashing it all overseas and declaring bankruptcy.

Where did all the money go? Good question. A lot of it remains in offshore accounts. A bunch of other money though was spent on drugs and women and men and parties. This is the movie that Hollywood needs to make. Honestly, it involves many of the sexual predators that have been named over the past few weeks. Some of the owners of this place turned against each other and publicly said the same things years ago that are only now getting those same predators in trouble. No one cared before. Now they do.

Lets go through some of the players shall we?

A list public figure. John Oliver is a huge fan of this guy. Infamous wife. - In a previous blind, I wrote about how he met his wife. This was after he spent a few years at the studio passing out business cards to every blonde in town. Only blondes. Brunettes who knew about this would wear a wig because he was paying $10K for a night and would bring party favors. You needed those party favors to put out of your head who you were sleeping with. A cruel, cruel guy in bed. Those nights when he brought in a second woman were apparently the worst. Just a twisted f**k/. He is also the one who made it possible for everyone to flee with more money. Flee is a strong word. Get away with. Screw other people with by taking the money would be a good phrase too.

A list director who so far has escape this round of scandal. He had big budgets and was allowed to do what he wanted with them. The studio covered all those payments to parents of minors who complained about him sexually assaulting their teen boys. The investors thought their money was going to movies, not to sexual assault payoffs.

Another A list director. He was responsible for finding women for all the studio bosses. All of those casting calls and the executives would just happen to stop by where he would talk them up. Then, the executives would stand around watching and so many of those actresses would find the time to walk up to the executives and they just took their pick. The problem with this A list director is that he was stealing from the studio which later caused the executives to turn on the director.

This Academy Award winning actor was a partner in the studio. He just used it as another avenue to find young boys. The thing is, he and the director who also liked young boys didn't always get along. Our director liked them young, but despite the payoffs always insisted everything was consensual. The actor liked things when they were not consensual. Just an evil guy.

A list public figure. Foreign born. He specialized in throwing even more money around. He had the most of the bunch. He also had connections within an organization that not only helped launder money but also provided women as needed who were not actresses. There were some investors who enjoyed things more rough and if something happened to one of these women, they were shipped to some far corner of the world, deep underground. 

Relativity Media/Steven Mnuchin/Louise Linton/Bryan Singer/Brett Ratner/Kevin Spacey/James Packer

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