Friday, November 25, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #19 - Anniversary Month

May 3, 2018

I love a good bar. I especially love a good open bar. You know who else loves an open bar? This alliterate B+ list mostly television actress. I usually bump her up to A- when we drink because she lets me ask her about things. If I ever see her away from a bar, she is pretty aloof and shy and runs away as fast as she can from anything to do with any kind of talking other than what she is working on.

She said during our most recent bar conversation that she was upset. Not so much for herself because she had made her peace with it, but that one of the people she knows had spoken out and made a complaint about an A list show runner from a very hit now defunct cable show. That person had gone on the record and the trades ran the story. The thing is though, they never followed through. Her friend stuck her neck out and nothing happened. There were no consequences for the show runner other than a bit of bad press. As for the whistleblower? She is like a pariah in town now.

Now, I knew there was more to this and she knew I knew, but I went and asked it in an innocuous way, but not where we would have to tap dance around it for an hour before we got to the interesting stuff. Yes, our actress was harassed by him. Yes, he tried to make her look horrible on the show when she wouldn't sleep with him. Yes, he cut her part. Yes, he wrote her out of episodes when he felt like being vindictive or someone else would sleep with him. Yes, she hates him. Yes, she tries to tell as many people as possible. She just won't go on the record yet because she is scared what happened to the other woman will happen to her.

So, he has slipped through the cracks.

Mad Men/January Jones/Kater Gordon/Matthew Weiner

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