Friday, November 25, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #17 - Reader Blind - Anniversary Month

April 26, 2018

Be prepared to start hearing about "trouble in the marriage" of this A list athlete and his wife in the next year.  After his huge scandal over two decades ago their marriage became contractual.  He needed to keep his marriage intact to keep his BIG sponsor at the time.

She gets paid to stay married to him and when she has a baby, gets a 10 million bonus on top of the millions she gets to stay married.  She has accomplished this every time the contract is renewed and she gets her bonus.  She made sure that before she had the third baby, the first contract expired and they renewed it promising her another 10 million because she had two babies during the first contract and got screwed.  She thought she was going to get 10 million for each baby but didn't put the right wording in the contract so he didn't pay up for baby #2...hence the reason for the spread out years between the second and the third birth.

Contracts are once again about to expire and every time this happens, she sends out rumors to news sites that the marriage is in crisis so he gets the message it's time to renew.  It was worth it to him to pay up and even though she was young...she was clearly no fool.

The last few years they've tried to make a go of it since he quit his day job and be an actual family but tensions have started with the expiration date looming.  Will the date pass and they not renew but stay together and continue to try to make the marriage work?  Will he send the contract over for renewal or will he not renew and he or she decide the marriage is over?

Kobe Bryant/Vanessa Bryant

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