Friday, November 25, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #8 - Anniversary Month

February 22, 2018

This celebrity is old. Back in Old Hollywood days he was A list both as an actor and singer. Dozens of songs on the Billboard charts. At that point in time everyone knew he was just as bad as Jerry Lee Lewis when it came to having sex with tweens and early teen girls. He just didn't usually marry them and wasn't related to them. If you were in the fan club of our celebrity and were young and cute you were going to get invited to meet him when he was in town. You were also going to get kissed and groped and fondled whether you liked it or not while posing for photos. If you didn't pull away, you were going to see him later that night and be forced to have sex.

Like most things in Hollywood, times changed and he slowly dropped down the list. Then, he had a very lucky resurgence which made him a star again for a year or two. Now, this resurgence was three decades ago, but all of you know of the resurgence or at least why he was popular again. That iconic movie of which he was a part. He had a whole new group of fans who were tweens and teens again. Granted, he was not as famous as he once was, but he still did the same things he did decades earlier. This time, some of the tweens and teens spoke up, but nothing was done to him.

Fast forward to the present day and he still does the same things he has always done at least when it comes to the kissing and groping tweens and teens but now he gets a pass because everyone says he is old and that he doesn't really mean to be that way. Yes, he does. He always has. If anyone called him out on this, there would probably be hundreds, if not thousands of his former fan club members and other people from the street who would all tell similar stories.

Frankie Avalon

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