Friday, November 25, 2022

Blind Items Revealed #18 - Anniversary Month

April 26, 2018

This girl was only around thirteen at the time. And here was M, a madam her mother's age, selling her very young body for money. The madam knew damn well she was this tender age and that's why she wanted her as a star attraction in her business. Certain clients of hers paid a lot for a girl nobody in their right mind thought was anywhere near adult. There were young women around who were eighteen and older and may have looked a lot younger. But some rich clients wanted the real taboo thing.

M would get caught in her career by an LAPD vice detective who'd also nabbed most of her primary competitors over the years. The madams had clients in common also. They could be controlling over their girls, but if a man had enough money then he was free to be a patron of whoever he chose. Madam Alex is now recognized as the most successful and organized and connected of these pre-Heidi Fleiss women who ran LA's sex market. Unlike Heidi in later years, who often acted like a rock star, the old school madams usually kept their mouths shut and their profiles low, knowing silence was an advantage. The clients with such highly illegal interests did not want their tastes broadcast for the entire world to know about. Like paying for sex with a child.

The girl knew a few famous people in her life. Her boyfriend had a rock star for a dad, R. And R's girlfriend at the time was a rock star herself. F, the female rock star, found out that R had been with the girl many times. Not as a client, but yet another much older male who'd abused this kid and would soon throw her away. It wasn't the first time he pulled something like this. Or the last. And F didn't get angry with her, she was very concerned about how this affected the girl. After all, R was well over thirty. F had tried to protect the girl, hiding drugs from her and R's son in the house so that they couldn't get at them. Not all adults took such precautions.

The girl's teenaged boyfriend discovered what was going on between her and his dad and was terribly upset. R could have any adult woman he wanted and here he was acting like a person with no boundaries at all. F told the girl in a heart to heart conversation that she was in too deep, that when she was the same age she played child's games, not taken crazy risks like the girl was now into. And even one of R's ex-wives soon told the girl the same thing. R eventually stopped being in the girl's life and later on got involved with someone else very young directly connected to S, his bandmate he was often at odds with.

R's life ended a few years later, although how he made it past 27, when so many rock stars before and since had died, was some kind of a fluke. He was one of the wildest in his drug based lifestyle. And he had scum around him. Awful people. A celebrity said once if those people had tried to enter S's life in the same way it would never have happened and that Y, a rising young star who died tragically, would still be alive today.

Samantha Geimer/Madam Alex/Dennis Wilson/Christine McVie/Mike Love/Sharon Tate

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