Friday, January 06, 2023

Four For Friday - Authors

#1 - This Pulitzer Prize winner had her best known novel turned into an Oscar winning/nominated film. She has previously been married to a man, but had a decades long relationship with this female one hit wonder who won multiple Grammy Awards.

#2 - I know you are probably expecting some type of blind about the child po*n loving A+ list author, but it is his friends who love it, not the author, or at least that is what he says. Anyway, this is about another author who is an A+ list young adult author and collects naked photos of young readers who are fans. 

#3 - This A+ list self-help guru/author has run seminars for years. Not only does he take all your money, if you are a female who attend one of his seminars alone, and are attractive or rich, he will try to get you drunk/drugged and have you write him a very large check before he sleeps with you to seal the deal.

#4 - This financial A+ list author is known for his one liners. He is also known as someone who likes his naked body whipped while also being tied and ball gagged.

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