Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Scammers

This actress is a solid A- list when it comes to daytime. When it comes to primetime, she is much further down the list. She would have placed higher on the list if she landed that nighttime soap back in the day. Anyway, she has supplemented her daytime income over the years, but doing all kinds of MLM schemes and is not above getting involved in a pyramid scheme if it pays well enough and there is little chance of her getting into much trouble. 

Her most recent husband handled all the logistics and social media stuff and the interactions with the fans. The fans are what make it all possible. The fans are the ones who sign up for the ridiculous products and try and sell their own, all for the promise of a signed autograph. If you spend enough, then perhaps the actress will give you a phone call or make a quick video for you. The incentives are endless, as long as the cash keeps piling up. She and her most recent husband split because she discovered that not only was he skimming from our actress, but he was also sleeping with/charming the richest of the rich fans and ended up marrying the daughter of a billionaire. The fact that daughter ended up dead 14 months after the wedding and six months after changing her will, isn't suspicious at all, now is it?

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