Thursday, January 05, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Pimped Out

From Lipstick Alley

Dancing with the Devil So, I work for an agency that represents a lot of Hollywood talent and after reading some tea on here about a certain former child star, let's call him [bold]Bayley Blue[/bold] , I had to come in and share my tea I've heard from several industry folks over the years. Warning though, it is dark. I have it on good authority that [bold]Bayley Blue[/bold] whose health they're watching right now was raped and turned tf out as a minor by some big and smaller names in the industry from age 16. This was while going after and landing his breakout role. We're talking 50+ year old men holding xes parties and gang raping teen boys. This went on for years. His main pimp and abuser, let's call him [bold]Mr. Shazam[/bold] (small name outside of the industry, but big in the industry), has the gift of magic and sorcery. Anyone who gets into contact with him passes away from drugs as if by magic. But when you are a supplier and predator to kids in entertainment that is what happens. One major (grown) star, Dancing Duke, who you all know and love overdosed and died in the middle of working with [bold]Mr. Shazam[/bold] . One of the minors [bold]Mr. Shazam[/bold] worked with recently overdosed on heroin due to the abuse and they tried to pass it off as natural causes. Back in the 2000s there were all these receipts about [bold]Mr. Shazam[/bold] abusing [bold]Bayley Blue[/bold] and other kids but he had folks scrub them by paying some off and threatening others. Now when [bold]Mr. Shazam[/bold] has everyone reunite for old time's sake our [bold]Bayley Blue[/bold]is nowhere to be seen. Another abuser of our child star, let's call him [bold]Tricky Twirl[/bold], has all but retired but still has a few bts credits here and there. [bold]Tricky Twirl[/bold] worked with [bold]Bayley Blue[/bold] for years and not only sexually abused our star but he's the one who first got him hooked on his drug of choice while still underage. Not only that, but [bold]Tricky Twirl[/bold] caused our star several incidents and hospitalizations over the years when he came back into his life and tried to "help" him. Tragic. The "help" was really keeping him drugged up and under his spell. They say the body keeps the score. Now our former child star is ill and there's a lot of speculation about why. When people suddenly fall sick, especially young in life you need to look at childhood trauma. These kinds of things tend to stay with us forever and it's no wonder our celebrity is in the place he's in now. It's drugs, rape, abuse, manipulation and blackmail.

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