Monday, January 02, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Dead Broke - Old Hollywood

The Christmas season reminds me of the movie that has the name of a city in its title. That movie stars someone all of you know in the lead role. There is a male actor who appears in it and was closeted for his entire life. He died an early death because of the stress of keeping his sexuality a secret. He could have lived his life after acting in a comfortable manner rather than having to take a used car sales job in his latter years. The thing is though, the game show host/owner/talk show host who our actor had a long time romance with, chose to not help. It would have taken very little money, but our host was also trying to juggle a lot of secret relationships and let his long time lover die in poverty and didn't help out with medical bills. When the actor's family approached the host for help with funeral expenses, they were told to take a hike. What is also interesting is the our host also had a relationship with the lead actress of the Christmas film.

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