Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Director

To say that this movie director's latest installment for a streaming service is bad, is to do injustice to the word bad. The director was paid millions of dollars and delivered a piece of garbage. The streaming service is completely on board supporting the director because he didn't utter a peep about the extra $100M that was "spent" on the movie. The thing should have cost $30M to make at most. How on earth did it cost $140M to make? It didn't obviously. So, where is the extra $100M. Now, Hollywood thinks the director got $140M and blew it all on a horrible piece of garbage that he also adapted. No one on the crew liked him. They barely tolerated him. People died making the movie and the director doesn't care. The streaming service is deleting comments on Instagram as fast as they appear whenever that little tidbit or any negative tidbit about the movie is made. His next project for the streaming service which will see him get paid a fee that has only been eclipsed in back end deals with A++ list directors feels like a reward for staying quiet. He will be bringing down this A list comic actor with him. I promise that if I see the director's alliterate actress girlfriend I will be asking her all these questions and more.

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