Monday, May 13, 2024

Blind Item #10 - Reader Blind

Did the British West DJ really try to silence a vlogger for reporting on his crimes ? Silly silly nasty rabbit. There is a mole in team who secretly works for the corporation he was fired from. They are monitoring him. The corporation is embarrassed that they have at least two predators on their books now. The other one died in 2011. If he sues anyone for reporting on his sex crimes the defendant could ask the corporation to turn the results of their investigation into a court. They don’t want that to happen. The DJ could also be forced to turn his own phone records in for discovery. He doesn’t want that to happen. Not only because of what may be in his gallery (ew) but because it would reveal which artists he is still in contact with. You’d be surprised by how many black men still talk to a colonizer who hunted girls who are the same age as their own children. There is a reason some artists over here call artists over there s*uts. They’ll do anything for money. 

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