Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Blind Item #12 - Reader Blind

The Teflon female rapper slept with the foreign born wheelchair rapper for a verse. She took the verse to a label and used it to get a deal worth half a million dollars but then found out that the wheelchair rapper wouldn’t give her clearance to use it. Nasty work. He never respected her family and gossips about them relentlessly which is how tea mongers over here heard about them. But, the family knows a lot about him. Maybe it was a coincidence that the Dutch rapper’s DMs were leaked in the same month his EP dropped. You know, the EP the Dutch rapper told the wheelchair rapper he wanted him to promote as a favor for a favor. What was the favor? And how did whoever hacked his pages know what they would find in there? Maybe you could ask the non-Homophobic British rapper whose face you Cee when you search for the Dutch rapper on the picture app. Or ask the Attached British singer whose name sounds like a European fashion brand how old she was when the Dutch rapper went after her. Or you could just ask the butch Taz man-lady or the Zulu Nation pred from the Bronx? Oh they don’t know the Dutch rapper, but maybe they can tell him how to stay out of jail after being accused of Elvis Presley / Ian Watkins crimes. They have gone years without being investigated by the authorities. Or have they? Tick Tock. 

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