Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Blind Item #7 - Reader Blind

Why have the foreign blogs in the tea and crumpet country gone radio silent about the allegations their rappers are battling ? They are afraid they could be injured if they speak out because they know how violent they are. That is why victims are speaking to people in other countries to be heard. So, here’s a list of people who may or may not want to tread carefully if they don’t want end up like the Porta Papi. The Halo artist whose name may or not may not rhyme with Jafar. The handsome Praise rapper whose friends beat, kidnap and torture women. These friends envy his looks and he ignores their crimes. Any rapper using music as a front for county lines and “Street Profit”. The “Opposite of Fast Asian Country” rapper who is in a relationship with the Alarm singer. And the female rapper who may or may not know that the deceased Pop rapper was with her sister who was underage at the time. Ew. 

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