Thursday, May 10, 2007

Morning Links And Some Pics

You know you look like absolute crap when I say that Eva Longoria looks hot compared to you. Jessica Simpson has transmuted into some god awful Las Vegas cross-dressing parody of herself with a tan that looks worse than the old woman from There's Something About Mary. Also, the way she is posing her right fist is very, very strange.

Brittany Murphy wedding photo. Don't they look like the happy couple? He looks thrilled. Maybe he's really a zombie and Brittany has some kind of voodoo doll she uses which makes him always look that stiff. The man knows no other pose. Brittany, on the other hand knows exactly what she wants the world to see. Look at her show off that ring.
And a big ring it is. But remember, she has another one in case she gets bored with this one.

Angelina Jolie talks to Reader's Digest. It's actually pretty revealing.
Jared's porn past. Not as lurid as it sounds, but catchy isn't it?
The Hoff's former nanny holds the power. Which parent was nicer to her? Which one sang songs to her in German and called her Apple Strudel?


ukgrrl said...

Jessica is losing her last marble. Seriously. Darker than a Latina now???

Green Sea said...

I'm not a Jessica hater or a fan, but what in the name of all that is holy has happened to her? For someone with a gay hairdresser surgically attached to her hip, she has had a run of inexplicably horrendous public outings lately. Mayer's getting hotter and she's getting scarier.

Robert said...

k.. brittany has to be in that for the money.. that makes no sense.. that being said.. her her looks kinda cute.. much better than that dried up blonde frizzy nastiness that doesn't fit her very well..

Anonymous said...

everyone assumes britanny just married him for his money but maybe its love. i'm going back a few years but when pualina poriskova married rick ocasic from the cars everyone said it wouldn't last and they are still married. i think, i'm to lazy to google them.

Anonymous said...

I can't find the BI, but is he giving us a hint with "And a big ring it is. But remember, she has another one in case she gets bored with this one." Is it the one with a guy on each coast? Does anyone remember?


Anonymous said...

Sorry but I don't buy the A. Jolie interview. She makes Brad out to be some perfect man... I don't think so! More importantly she walks around looking miserable as if she's above all publicity. She's supposedly worried about kidnapping and yet she does these 'in-depth' interviews, revealing many facts about her children.

I think she's a massive attention seeker. Don't you think adopting child after child when in a fairly new relationship is irresponsible? She always comes across as an unstable woman to me.

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to fault AJ for giving kids a home. She does not appear to be "acting" as a mother, but instead she truly comes across in a way that only other mothers would recognize (her acting is just not that good).

But yeah, I have often wondered when she will become Mia Farrow.

kdjccr said...

Is Jessica Simpson intentionally trying to look like Chewbacca? Maybe it's in honor of the Star Wars 30th Anniversary approaching...

imcshe said...

Michele, the reports are that she couldn't choose between two wedding rings, so she/they bought them both.

bionic bunny! said...

my daddy always told me, "its just as easy to fall in love with a rich man, as it is a poor man".

or words to that effect.

i want to know why jess has been wearing that amazing boobage corset for the past two weeks. pimpa joe's suggestion???
(and where can i get one?)

Anonymous said...

the ring is nice but couldn't they have picked a better wedding band?


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