Friday, November 02, 2007

Copyright Violations

Most of you know the site went down for a few hours yesterday. I am actually grateful that I was in the office when it happened and that I saw the e-mail fairly quickly. If it happened today, the site might not have returned until Monday.

Playboy took offense to the leaked photos of Kim Kardashian which of course is their right. They probably leaked them to generate interest, but that is beside the point. I get copyright infringement e-mails about once a week. They are generally an accident, and the people sending them treat it as such, and just say, please take it down or pay us. Depending on the photo, I make the choice.

Every once in awhile, Blogger will also send me an e-mail, because the copyright holder has notified them. When that happens, Blogger removes the photo, but nothing else.

Instead of choosing one of those options, Playboy took the option it knew would hurt most. They notified who hosts the domain. As soon as they received the e-mail from Playboy, godaddy just pulled the plug. No notice. Just did it. When I saw the e-mail from godaddy, I responded, and they were very good about turning the site back on, but it takes awhile for the DNS to filter throughout the world so it was about four hours before everything was back to normal.

I want to thank Domestic Chicky Designs for handling all the technical mumbo jumbo and you should visit her site if you need some web designing. Just click on the banner on the right side of the page. I also want to thank all the other sites that posted I had been sued, arrested, or forced to be Denise Richards' houseboy. That is good gossip.


Cali Girl said...

thanks for the explanation, Ent. I always panic just a wee bit when the site is down....

simone said...

Dude, I was wondering what happened. I didn't even click on the skanky KK pictures as I'm indifferent to her. But for godaddy to kill CDAN like that was so not cool. They could have just deleted that entry, but nooooo, they got all nazi on you.

thanks for the explanation.

Tracee said...

Playboy can have Kim's funky ass, I just need you Ent.

I was pulling my hair out when it went down, thinking I did something to upset you. Whew!

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing, everyone else posted those pictures and no one else went down.

(BTW, the site wasn't down completely, you could still get to it from the blogger address:

Uber*nought said...

What bugs me more is Kim Kardashian is making a huge career for herself by selling sex and being a crap role model without being one. But she's pimped at everybody so much she's becoming iconic and that is really disturbing.

The single biggest favor the US can do right now to is to ignore her.

hello kitty said...


You've got to be kidding me.

I've heard too many horror stories about them!

Cosmic said...

And here I thought I had simply gone blind from viewing that skank's photos.


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