Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Michael Hutchence Didn't Kill Himself

Despite evidence to the contrary including a coroner's report, Duran Duran's Simon LeBon still thinks Michael Hutchence didn't kill himself back in November 1997. LeBon is convinced Hutchence was murdered or some other explanation exists for the death of the former INXS singer.

A belt found at the scene suggested the 37-year-old had hanged himself, and the coroner's report backed up the theory. But LeBon, who was once housemates with the late singer, is sure there is more to the story than people have been led to believe. He says, "He loved life, women and drugs."

"He lived it to the full - there is no way he'd have wanted to end it all".

As much as I love a great conspiracy theory like whether Suri is really Tom Cruise's baby, I just can't think of a reason why Hutchence would be murdered. I do think it is possible that because of the belt found at the scene, and the fact that he was found in the nude suggests that perhaps Hutchence was engaged in some type of auto-eroticism, but I can't believe he was murdered. The coroner in the case didn't mention anything about auto-eroticism, but that could have been just to make it look more palatable to the family.

Was someone there when it happened? I think that's possible. Kym Wilson and Andrew Reyment were the last people known to have seen Michael alive, but I think it's doubtful they were in the room when it happened, and even if they were, that they murdered him. Why would they?

The only real question I have ever had about his death, is what happened to his money. Yes, he loved drugs and women and wasn't shy about spending money on both, but after his death, no trace was found of his alleged fortune. Did he really spend that much, or did a relative find it and keep it for themselves and not tell anyone?


jindi said...

ent you may find this interesting:


Dead Men Don't Pull Triggers

Carla said...

more on hutchence's death:


Jolara said...

Oh, I used to LOVE MH!

jindi, I have read something before along those lines regarding Kurt. In my opinion, I don't doubt that Courtney had him killed. We lived near Seattle at the time of his death. That stuff was whispered everytime it was talked about. I am sure Kurt was depressed, but not enough to kill himself. Besides that, who wouldn't be if they were married to that thing ??? We lived near one of the ex band members. He was cool, very down to earth.

jindi said...

^^ it has never been explained how, a man who had just shot up 3 times the lethal dose of heroin (with little tolerance as he had been and tested clean for more than a month) could then:
- fire a gun
- roll down his sleeve
- put the needle back in the bag
- zip up the bag

AFTER he was shot.

There is also a link between the coroner who called the death a suicide and c.love's bank account. she paid him large sums of money before and after his determination.

it infuriates me: this was murder and the woman who killed him because he was about to leave her (with no money) is now getting richer off of him.

K said...

This is all very interesting stuff. I never really looked into MH or KC's murders that much, but I have some investigating to do...

For years, I've always thought there was more to the Jim Morrison case than met the eye, and just recently, didn't someone come out and say he died somewhere else from a drug overdoes and it was all covered over? They never have found the ambulance drivers or the doctor who signed his death certificate, as far as I'm aware of. But then, I've not been searching, so I'm sure someone here will enlighten me!

OK, so I'm a crazy JM/Doors fan, and I still think the biker dude who was cleaning his grave in Paris was him (he made sure no one had a good look at him).

But even with the latest report (that I pushed to the back of my mind since I'm older now and in a it-doesn't-really-matter-but-it's-interesting -nonetheless-way), it's all very, very intriguing

Kris said...

Good for Le Bon to have the nerve to question the status quo. Too often people fail to think critically on issues like this. The $ issue certainly ups the suspicion factor.

Re Cobain, even Kim Gordon has openly expressed her belief that he didn't kill himself:

NatD said...

I've always thought MH's death was AEA. Now, as to whether or not someone else was in the room, and what happened to his money, I have no idea.

Twisted Sister said...

Yeah, many publications speculated that he was engaging in that and had gone too far, resulting in his accidental death. So, why this is coming up now, is a real mystery.

jax said...

Dead men don't clean off the trigger.

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Michael Hutchence was with Peaches Geldof's mom for a long time, maybe he finally just went insane.

But let me tell you something, that was one sexy man. He oozed charisma, and could shake that ass in a pair of leather pants like no other.

K said...

Brendalove... Paula Yates was something of a nutter, with her own demons to deal with - she found out that her supposed father (Jesse Yates, TV Vicar) was not her father but that Hughie Green (Light Entertainment Compere and all round cheeseball) was, shortly before she died; her mother was pretty nutty as well. I think hers and MH's daughter is looked after by Bob(?) - Goodness, that little girl must be 11 now!

I think MH just had enough demons of his own to deal with, without her addictions and family crap to deal with on top of it all - she always seemed pretty needy and insecure

But I'm still going to investigate Le Bon's words!

ellebee said...

I adore MH. I still have one of his all access backstage passes he wore around his neck when performing in Brisbane years ago :) I don't for one second think he was murdered. It was AEA without a doubt. He was a kinky guy!! It just didn't go to plan this time (should never do it alone and he should have known that) He was depressed because Paula and the girls wouldn't be joining him here in Australia on tour but he would never have killed himself like that. If he was going to he would have done it in true rock star style with an OD. And yep Tiger (his daughter ) lives with her half sisters and Bob Geldof who has raised her since Paula died.

jindi said...

sorry to hijack the comments but if anyone is interested in the murder of kurt cobain:



And the book:
Love & Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain. Max Wallace & Ian Halperin

c.love is a total fraud and liar. all her stories about being given acid when she was a kid, everything she says has been proven to be lies.

Kill Allen Wrench has admitted to murdering Kurt Cobain. He can speak so freely since his death has been ruled a suicide and the coroner's office has infamously, refused to reopen the case.

Another man has passed a lie detector test admitting c.love paid him $50k to try to kill Kurt.

He was about to begin separating from her, all the money was his. Two days after he tells her this, he is dead.

Jax: the bit about cleaning the trigger is news to me. for some reason this story is a powerful symbol of injustice for me. hearing that makes me CRY.

jindi said...

oh yeah: kristin pfaff (hole guitarist who had just told c.love she was leaving the band, and who c.love hated b/c kurt crushed on her) died of a suspicious heroin overdose too.

no prints, no evidence, called suicide. same coroner.

same courtney effing love.

Sweater said...

He had a prostitute in his room. Kinky sex and she didn't know what she was doing.
She called the record guy (the one who hired her and was responsible for payment) before the police were even notified. Needless to say she left from the back entrance and that's never been made so public because really..why? Can't people figure it out for themselves? There was obviously someone in the room with him, people don't normally put themselves in that sort of position solo.

He wasn't murdered. But his death was stupid.

Marina said...

Maybe MH's death was an accident, maybe he killed himself, but I don't believe he was murdered. He was suffering from depression at the time (lovely times with Paula & Bob!), drinking Prozac, and combined with drugs and alcohol that might've led to something ugly...
So sorry he is gone, he was the hottest.

jlb said...

I saw INXS once - my god that man just oozed sex. To me he moved exactly like Jim Morrison used to...they had similar body types and held the same sort of stances on stage.

Lisa said...

Michael definitely didn’t kill himself, murder or sex game gone wrong, he would never let himself be found naked


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