Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Suri To Never See Parents Again

In an interview with Hello Magazine, Tom Cruise says that he treats all his children the same and that it makes no difference whether they were adopted or not.

"I wanted to be a father all my life. Truly, it makes no difference to me between my adopted children and Suri. I've never separated them in my thoughts - I just don't feel that way about it."

Well if that is the case, then perhaps, Tom should release the older two kids from whatever boarding school/dungeon he has them in and let them visit him on the set of his new film. It seems as if he has been in Germany forever and Suri has been with him every second. Crickets when it comes to Isabelle and Connor. Prior to Suri, he would pull them out every once in awhile, but since Suri has been around, Tom went to two or three sporting events a year ago and that has been it.

Therefore, if Tom really does treat his kids the same way then Suri better be prepared to never see her parents again once she reaches shipping off age. Say bye to mom and dad Suri. All that love and attention will be gone. If you are lucky, mom might give you a call on your birthday or Christmas, but only if she stays married to your dad.

Oh yes, Nicole Kidman hasn't exactly been beating a path to the door of Isabelle and Connor either. In all those interviews where she is making snide comments about Keith Urban and her marriage, did anyone see anything about Connor and Isabelle? Nope. Are they even still alive? Were they human to begin with?


Mooshki said...

Didn't Nicole say something in an interview about wanting to have a "real" baby?

ruiqiu said...

Tommyboy's kids are in good hands. They're in a Cult Camp where they'll probably sign a billion-year contract to devote their entire lives to be slaves to the Sea Org.

Dijea said...

Tom Cruise is smarmy!! He is one celebrity that can just plain go away.

ehinckle02 said...

Thank you for bringing this up. It seems his adopted kids were a prop until a better one came along. Nicole talks about wanting to have kids as if she doesn't already have any. It is so weird to me!!!

Nancy said...

Seriously, I think Isabelle and Connor are child/teen actors who are called in to make appearances when convenient.

I prefer to believe this than consider the possibility that these kids are really adopted by these two megalomaniacal crazies. Does Nicole have any real human emotions?

kellysirkus said...

It does seem that Nicole NEVER spends any time with those kids, and Tom only uses them when he needs some good press.
if that's wrong, and these two have just gone to great lengths to shield two young teens from the spotlight, then i actually applaud them.

I highly doubt the latter is true, but just in case, I think it's great that C and I aren't plastered all over the magazines.

Nancy said...

Also, why doesn't the media/press ever question or expose the issues of their other kids? US/InTouch/Star have had numerous covers upon covers of Suri. How about some coverage about how Tom and Nicole are an absence in the lives of their children?


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