Friday, November 02, 2007

Oprah Buys Everyone Cell Phones

Police in South Africa have arrested a former school matron at OWLS. It actually is called the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy, but if you change Academy to school and then abbreviate it is much nicer and provides a handy mascot. It also kind of gives it a Harry Potter feel, which is nice since JK Rowling is about the only one who has money on the same level as Oprah.

Anyway over at OWLS they arrested the woman on suspicion of sexual and physical abuse. So far it appears she allegedly only sexually abused one girl, while physically abusing several others. Probably because they wouldn't let her sexually abuse them.

Oprah suspended the principal with pay and then flew in all of her own investigators because she didn't think the South African police could handle the job. They instead did the investigating and told the police what happened. Ummm. But what about if Oprah is trying to hide more? Shouldn't the police be investigating instead of the owner of the business who has PR up the ying yang to think about. It's kind of like an owner setting his building on fire for insurance money and then doing the investigating himself.

Anyway, the big news is that Oprah gave every girl a cell phone and they are to call her directly anytime they want. Do you know how much teenage girls talk on the phone? Can you imagine the roaming charges in South Africa? It's quite possible these girls could bankrupt Oprah. Who really thinks they will get Oprah on the phone? My guess is that Stedman just found a job.


jax said...

LOL...i bet it was the (RED) phone too.

Anonymous said...

ent, I have a bone to pick with your word choice, and I'm sure it was unintentional, but it is worth being aware of: "Probably because they wouldn't let her sexually abuse them." I doubt that the one sexually abused girl "let" it happen, she probably just couldn't fight her off or didn't know what to do.

I'm with you though. First South Africa doesn't know how to educate their people so she builds a school, now they don't know how to investigate things. geez Oprah, just move them all here and put them to work on your show.

Moosefan said...

Her own investigative team? Okra Windbag has outdone herself with this one.. And these girls cannot talk to their families except on the weekend? Sounds more like juvie rehab than school.
See, I am all about helping those who need it, but why in the hell did she spend all that money to help so few? What about an academy for boys so that they can learn to respect themselves and women?
So over it and her...

Tracee said...

Grrrrrr......Oprah just gets under my skin. I've tried a steel wool brush to scrub her out and she just stays under there!

Oprah's full of shit. She opened that school there because she felt like American kids were unworthy because they're into Ipods and cell phones. So cool, she opens this school.

Now when shit hits the fan, she gives them cell phones?! Why not send a trustworthy assistant or someone she trusts to be a person of contact for the girls to her?!

She has totally lost touch with the "real world."


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