Thursday, November 01, 2007

Amy Winehouse Pulls A Senator Craig

No, Amy Winehouse isn't looking for strange men to have sex with in an airport bathroom. I know I haven't brough this up previously, but I think it is time. Having no idea that public bathroom sex was so easy to find, I think that all public facilities should have co-ed bathrooms so that all sexes can have the opportunity to get busy at the airport or train station. Why should only same sex couples have all the fun? I propose starting a group called Public Urinal & Bathroom Equal Sex (PUBES) so that we all may enjoy the good times and anonymous sex.

Anyway, this story isn't about what Craig did or didn't do or want to do to that undercover cop, it is about what he did afterwards. Craig said he didn't understand what pleading guilty meant. Uh huh.

Amy Winehouse, who wants to come to the US so we can all give her our money when she tours is telling Norwegian authorities that she didn't understand that paying a fine meant she was pleading guilty to a drug offense. I am assuming that Amy thought the fine was perhaps a bribe or just some goodwill gesture they were supposed to pay for the company of the police. Maybe she thought the fine was the payment for staying in jail overnight, kind of like a hotel bill.

Amy's Norwegian attorney Ole Kvelstad said, "This is an appeal of errors police made in the case."

He said she was interrogated without legal representation or an interpreter and had not fully understood the Norwegian-language charges she was signing.

Bergen Police Attorney Rudolf Christoffersen said Winehouse was questioned by an English-speaking police officer, who translated charges and explained the consequences of accepting the fine. If the appeals court allows Winehouse to withdraw her acceptance of the fine, the original charges would normally go to trial.

If she could get it withdrawn, and go to trial, she would be more likely to get a visa to come to the US and tour, while awaiting the trial, but it is no guarantee. When you apply for a visa, the whole innocent until proven guilty thing doesn't apply. They look to see if charges have been filed and what they are. It doesn't really matter that it was just pot, all the headlines would use the word drugs and then the State Department would be in the business of deciding which drugs and charges were ok and which are not suitable for a visa.


Anonymous said...



On the Seattle ferry system theres a UNISEX bathroom on the levels before you go up top. I went past it once, with its label as such, and saw the words "SEX BATHROOM", my eyes oh so conveniently dodging the "UNI" part...then when I saw the whole word, i was disappointed...later I found out, though, that some of my friends had used it for that very thing, so I guess it was a SEX BATHROOM after all!

Anonymous said...

Best blog tag ever: Public Urinal Bathroom Equal Sex

califblondy said...

Yay, the belt is back! All is well for Winehouse. said...

Help me understand this. Amy can't come to the US because she copped to having some weed in Norway, but Kate Moss can come over here welcomed with open arms after a huge cocaine scandal?

Well, I guess she didn't sign any papers....

jax said...

Hey Paulina Rubino or whatever just got denied because her drug tests came back dirty for weed...her hubby's came back positive for weed,X and coke.
But i beleive it was for citizenship not a visa.

This always makes me laugh..US has soem of the biggest drug cartels and they want to stop celebs from coming in to perfom cuz they did a lil drugs. Methinks you're barking up the wrong crackhead.

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Unknown said...


Unknown said...

This is just stupid. Practically everyone in Norway speaks English, so 'getting an interpreter' shouldn't be too hard. What a lame excuse!


Tania said...


my thoughts exactly!


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