Monday, October 29, 2007

Tim McGraw Kisses His Wife's Ass

I think I could have avoided a few of my divorces if I had followed Tim McGraw's lead on how to suck up to your wife. In some of his first public comments about the infamous ball grabbing controversy, McGraw said that the female fan who grabbed his crotch during a performance with his wife was being "disrespectful." He added, "I just kind of thought it was disrespectful, not only to me and to my wife but to herself."

See, if it had been me, I would have probably enjoyed it and asked the 18 year old backstage to show me how she would do it if the wife weren't watching, but like I said, that's why I have been divorced six times. It could be that Tim just doesn't like young women to grab his crotch, or it could be that he just doesn't like them to do it when his wife is five feet away from him. Of course, I think he really loved it, wished it had been a solo tour instead of touring with his wife and that it happened every night.

Could he say that to the public, his fans or his wife? Sure he could, but his wife would probably then grab his crotch in such a way as to exert the maximum of amount of pain and loss of usage possible. Better to just say it was disrespectful and wait for that 2008 solo tour.


Anonymous said...

kiss her ass? hell about the only thing i wouldn't be willing to do to faith's ass is stick my tongue in it.

Anonymous said...

Hey EL. They whole "married six times" and "I'm a huge whale" thing is getting old. We get it: you're trying really hard to make it so no one knows who you truly are. Fine. Whatever. You're laying it on too thick. It reminds me of the line "The lady doth protest too much." I have a hard time believing that someone of your supposed side, would be on a calling list of a friend in Malibu when he needed to move furniture...why would some one call up an out of shape lard ass? Exactly. Something smells fishy here, and it aint your fat unwashed asshole.

Anonymous said...

whoops, meant "size" not "side"

Anonymous said...

Oh and EL: has liz hurley paid that chaplain yet? I assume so, as you havent been posting nasty pictures of her every day like you promised.

jax said...

Pessimistic much? Uh mayube Tim has respect for his wife and marriage? Maybe he's not a lying cheating bastard that you are trying to make him look?

Fuck what girl pissed in your cheerios this weekend?

anon said...

So did CDANCON really happen, or was DS "sick" this weekend?

kellysirkus said...

IDT I would piss Faith off either.
She's HOT
she seems to have a hot temper, to boot.

She may be rockin' a little bit o' crazy, to boot
(judging by her reaction to her loss to Carrie U)

Alana said...

Tim was raised in a house full of woman. He was the illegitimate son of Tug McGraw who treated his mother like a groupie and never acknowledged his son until he was college age. Now he's a father of three young girls. I hold out the possibility that Tim is sincere, actually respects women in his family, and doesn't go for using groupies.

Sweater said...

Maybe he's not a lying cheating bastard that you are trying to make him look?

Oh really?

Tell you what Jax, go find the woman he was engaged to (while you're at it, find the man faith was engaged to as well) when they both did their very first tour together.

I have no issue with either of them but people getting on their high horse without knowing their history are a bit tedious.


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