Wednesday, October 31, 2007

How Do You Know I Even Want Anything?

That was a direct quote from Heather Mills in an interview she gave to talk about how she can't give interviews about the divorce proceedings between herself and Paul McCartney. After I fell out of my chair laughing and was helped back into it by two assistants, I began thinking that maybe I need to move to the UK and take up family law. According to Heather Mills she has spent $3M in legal fees. At $400 per hour which is a reasonable guess, that means her solicitors have spent 7,500 hours on her case. That equates to four attorneys working on nothing else for an entire year. For someone who was in the hourly rate business, she must know she is getting screwed. Of course, I think she is full of crap. In the last 24 hours she has compared herself to Princess Diana and hints that she doesn't want anything at all from Sir Paul.

She claims that all the court hearings are only about Beatrice and custody issues. Uh huh. Let me tell you something. If she only wanted her fake legal fees paid and was willing to walk away with nothing, Sir Paul would have the money in her bank account faster than she could get a trick out of her room when his hour was up.

She says that all the rumors of her asking for huge amounts are all crap. "I have been offered nothing. We go to court over our daughter. You have no idea. These figures are made up, GBP100 million, GBP50 million, GBP20 million. How do you know I even want anything? "I am GBP1.5 million in debt in lawyers fees. But I can't talk about that. I'm gagged at the moment, while the media are being fed spin by a certain corner."

For someone who has done a great deal of gagging in her life, you would think she would know what the term meant. If a gag order is in place, then she shouldn't be talking about the case. Here, she throws out all of these statements and then says she shouldn't be talking about it. Well then don't. Just pick out a sum of money, take it and move on to the next rich guy just like the old days.


kellysirkus said...

didn't she also say that she considered suicide and that her daughter would be better off with her dad?

that's a really stupid thing to say, especially publicly

Handsatlanta said...

Sad. I met her once, spent an hour or so with her. She had no superior airs about her and was gracious, funny and...wait for it...normal.

Regardless of the truth, I hope everything works out well for her.


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