Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lane Garrison Discovers His Fate Tomorrow

Tomorrow morning former Prison Break star Lane Garrison is scheduled to be sentenced as a result of his guilty plea in the fatal car crash that killed 17 year old Vahagn Setian. The judge in the case can impose a maximum sentence of 6 years 8 months in prison but it is about a 50/50 chance whether he will get that long of a term.

On the one hand you want to congratulate Garrison for standing up and taking accountability for his actions, but on the other hand, even 6 years in jail seems like nothing for the death of a 17 year old high school student with his whole life to look forward to that was entirely preventable.

The parents of Vahagn have started a foundation in his name that will award scholarships and other assistance to art students in the Beverly Hills Unified School District. That same foundation has also been gathering signatures aimed at ensuring the actor faces the maximum sentence.


syd said...

We lost someone in a car accident who was in the back seat when the driver(who was drunk high and dumb)turned into an oncoming car. The driver got 9 months probation. We lost a 19 year old. I would have loved the 6 years, or any, prison time.

jax said...

I think more education needs to be in schools about not getting in a car with a drunk driver,not just driving yourself while drunk.Of course not to say they deserved to die but everyone needs to be accountble for their actions, not just that of the driver. We need to be more pro-active in getting kids out of the car BEFORE the crash.

kellysirkus said...

I really think the judge was moved by the story of Lane's history and upbringing. That is why he gave the 90 day delay on the decision, so that the full psych workup and recommendations could be done. I feel like there is a lot more to this story.
Regardless, it's very sad for this boy's family and friends
it's very stupid to drink and drive, no matter what.

I doubt he'll do much more time, to be honest. At this point, he's already done more than most celebs and/or wealthy folks who committed similar crimes.

Twisted Sister said...

Jax, the high schools in our area do a TON of education and reinforcing, but what choice will kids make when they see their idiot parents drinking and driving?

jax said...

Look at 16 i knew the difference between right and wrong and that included getting in cars with drunk drivers. My best freind saved her own life by not going with a drunk driver who later that night ended up killing himself as well as all the passengers in his truck.

We're never going to be able to stop all the drunk drivers but we can stop our kids gettign in cars with them. It's sad all around.

Twisted Sister said...

It IS sad. And couldn't you just slap the shit out of anyone under the age of 40 with a cigarette in their mouth? WTF? Like they didn't know better?

swizzmizz said...

I agree with Jax on this one. Plus: Nothing will bring that boy back, not even the death penalty. Sure it's sad and everything, but revenge is totally overrated IMO.

I bow before Tweener for being honest and not trying to pull an O.J. or a Courtney Love.


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