Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kelly Brook Wants You To Believe

I must admit that Kelly Brook tries really hard to make sure that everyone believes that her relationship with Billy Zane is real. However, even for her, this latest interview may have been too over the top.

If you believe what she is saying, I'm surprised she has anytime in her life for anything other than sex. She says that fighting with Titanic star fiance Billy Zane boosts their sex life.

Kelly said: "Couples should fight a lot. Even if you do agree, pretend you don't. I'm a brat for the sake of causing trouble - but tongue-in-cheek and with a twinkle in my eye. "

"It's about mentally stimulating each other as much as it is about the physical and emotional side. The key to a good sex life is fantastic lighting! When you redecorate make sure everything's on dimmers. Either that or candlelight."

Is fantastic lighting so it is easier to fantasize about a different partner during sex, or that harsh lighting makes your sex tape look too industrial? Now, in my case, I turn off the lights even when I am by myself because if you had to see what I have to look at, you would be shutting the power at the fuse box just in the off chance that the light might accidentally come back on at some point.

The actress also revealed that her curvy figure is all down to "having tons of sex". I'm not sure how sex plays a part in whether you have curves or not, but since Kelly stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night I will give her the benefit of the doubt and not question her scientific or medical claims.


Rebecca said...

I don't get it. Why would their relationship be fake? What's the rumor with these two? Please tell.

K said...

Totally, totally false relationship IMHO. Rod and Penny are a far more realistic couple than these two!

They will never marry, I just can't see it.. and how could she leave Jason Statham for Billy? Bubblehead. Billy wants a trophy on his arm, and he's content at that.

Having said that, her dancing IS fantastic, she's got natural poise and style, and I'm sure her dance partner Brendan will try it on with her, as he does with everyone he fancies, the dirty dog. The Charming, Dirty Dog.

kellysirkus said...

I honestly don't get what the chicks get out of these faux-mances.
I can see the guy's angle, looking all macho and shit, but someone tell me why the women are in these situations?
It's not like he's some huge star that's going to boost her career.
Are they all lesbians?
don't get it

brendalove@gmail.com said...

Do guys really want to be with a woman that wants to fight all the time?

kellysirkus said...

brenda - oddly, some do.
there are so many people out there who confuse that type of relationship with PASSION - men and women.
It's the sad state of our culture.

Judi said...

Interview had to be with Cosmo. She sounds like an idiot.


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