Friday, November 02, 2007

Eminem The Home Wrecker

You don't really think of Eminem as a home wrecker. You think of him more as guy who has a serious hang up about his double ex, Kim Mathers. You know, I don't know if it is actually considered home wrecking if it was only a boyfriend/girlfriend thing rather than a marriage.

Eminem has started dating Marni Bright who is a hairdresser turned music studio manager. That is a common career path. Lots of people who work at SuperCuts right now are going to be managing recording studios next year.

Anyway this Marni Bright woman is allegedly a dead ringer for Kim Mathers, and that makes it easier when they are having sex because you know he is calling out Kim. But then his daughter Hailie might come in the room thinking he was back together with mom, and so maybe they should just whisper.

Marni had been dating a guy for four years. To me that is long term. I have no idea if they were shacking up together, but I doubt they were living at home with mom and dad. Well as soon as Eminem said hello, she said goodbye to her boyfriend. So when Eminem dumps her, will the boyfriend take her back? Actually I don't think Eminem is much of a dumping kind of guy. He is more of a stalker kind of guy. You have to be pretty obsessed with someone to marry them twice, not to mention all the times they took each other back despite some serious shit.

Nope, looks like Marni has got a keeper.


MelCon said...

Why don't you ever source your scoop, Ent?

This was already posted on Celebrity Mound ...

Tracee said...

Not to mention that he still drags Mimi's name in the mud after a couple of dates.

Dewd has "crazy stalker guy" all over him.

I can smell it!

jax said...

Ya i don't think of Eminem at

mngddess said...

Happens more than you think. In college one of my hubby's frat brothers dated three girls in 5 years - all dead ringers for each other.

(Oh, and yes - 5 years - it was a university with a co-op program.)

jax said...

i wonder if EM is a blind item anywhere? we've all sorda forgot about him. said...

I'm loving the tag - "People Brittany Murphy has had sex with"

Sweater said...

For what it's worth, I met him in Detroit when he was promoting Slim Shady. Handsome (believe it or not) short and very very shy. He was surrounded by 4 huge guys, but he really was endearing. Just quiet and humble. Again, that was when Slim hit charts, who knows what's happened since then.

I just think he's easily bossed around.

Again, take it for what it's worth

Sweater said...

Oh and just because..

In Detroit Kim used to call the talk station that was on at the time (the Demenski and Doyle show) and say he was beating her nonstop. Then people would call and say they just saw her throw a fit in Kroger with tape wrapped around her wrists and oftentimes the accounts would include her hitting some random person in the checkout line because they 'looked at her with an attitude'.
Clerks and other random folks who happened to witness these tantrums would be the ones to call these accounts in btw.

Perhaps his salvation in the city was that he didn't make a spectacle of himself.
She covered enough ground for the 2 of them.

She is not a very nice person.

He's no saint, once he hit the road he hit a whole lot of other things. He likes 'exotic' looking women. For at least a one night deal. <-- straight from his bodyguard's mouth.

Again, for what it's worth

noel said...

Oh no... I love eminem!! I just wished he would get his next album out... sick of hearing all the crap...

Moonmaid said...

I dunno - I just always liked him. Something very honest and real about him, and he's admitted to a ton of mistakes. Plus cute, and an original talent.

His ex sounds like a psycho, and there are people who can bring out the worse in you. I think he'd probably be pretty to a decent girlfriend.

Sarah*Renee said...

Damn it! Hop off his wheels. Yes, the guy has made mistakes, haven't you? But he's more man than you since he's almost told the whole world in half his songs! Before you want to get those little fingers a-typing think about the messages he puts through in the songs. They are suitable enough for those of you who can stand the fucking truth! Hey, if you don't like his music, I'm sure those of us who do don't give a flying fuck, so why don't you just save the strength of your hands for something else. I however, LOVE slim's music, and will be very upset when he retires. And Hell, the girl Mardi or whatever wants to be with Eminem, that's his and her business. It's almost like if you were having sex and I jumped in your bed. You don't know me, and thats basically what you all good for nothing assholes are doing. Seriously, WTF? I hope it works out between Shady and Mardi.
Just thought I'd put my opinion in, thats what this is for, right?

kobe said...

i`am not mad


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