Tuesday, October 30, 2007

X-Files Has A Start Date

For those of you who have been anxiously awaiting for the X-Files to return after its television run in 2002, the countdown has begun to the start of filming on the second X-Files movie. On December 10, filming begins with Chris Carter at the helm and Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny reprising their roles as Scully and Mulder respectively. The working title for the film is Done One, but you know that is just for show and refers most likely to the first film.

Not really scandalous gossip or anything and I'm guessing most of you don't care, but hey this is the X-Files. I'm not a Star Trek fan or much of a Star Wars fan, but I love the X-Files and will be first in line to see it. Now, although I want to be there on the first day to see it, don't get me confused with the people who will camp out for two weeks before the first midnight showing, or who will see it repeatedly over the first 48 hours.

I'm just going to see it once, and then another look see when it hits DVD. Then possibly again when it hits cable and again when it hits network television. Then of course there will be the Director's Cut DVD so I would probably review that as well. The release of the movie will probably lead to a re-release of all the seasons of the television show with brand new scenes and commentary. It would be kind of remiss of me not to at least view that extra material so I could comment on here about it.

But, it's not like I am some pasty, pale skinned, overweight X-Files freak who can't keep a woman and lives in a basement or something. Oh. Oh crap. OK, a little self realization. Wow. This would explain a great deal about me, and why women don't like my Lone Gunmen tighty whiteys as much as I think they should.


MnGddess said...

So, Ent, why no comment on CDANCON?? What happened to the swag giveaway?? I'm sure sure there are people who want to know (like me).


Anonymous said...

Hey EL, your "Im big and fat and pasty and live in a basement and cant keep a woman" schtick is getting REALLY OLD...its fairly obvious now that you're not any of those things, or at least not to the extent you lead on...

and what happened at the get together? Why will no one speak of it?

Anonymous said...

There was a photo of Hez and DS at on the CDANCON blog. was it cdancon.wordpress.com I don't remember.

Anyway, Ent brings up the Lone Gunmen. I always had a thing for the redhead with the beard. Is that wrong?

jax said...

As long as Duchovny keeps his ass on your side of the border I'm game..cuz you know it rains here n shit.


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