Friday, November 02, 2007

Would You Pay $2M To See This Guy Naked?

See, here in the US, we have no idea who this guy even is. In the rest of the world though he is really big, and more importantly, Kian Egan of the group Westlife is willing to bare it all for $2M. I know there is Playgirl (isn't there?) but most of you ladies don't get your choice of guys to see naked every month. It seems as if every female celebrity of any kind of repute eventually ends up naked and on the internet whether they intended to or not.

If you are interested in guys though, your chances for a dick slip are just not as high unless you happen to love Vinny Gallo or Cisco Adler. The female equivalent would be if the guys were always stuck with Paris Hilton and Britney Spears and got to see no other celebrity nudity at all. So, I do feel your pain. Not like pain as in real pain, because I am kind of a wuss when it comes to anything that actually hurts, may hurt, or simulates hurt. I am talking more about the pain one feels inside when they have no cable and are forced to watch two or three channels. That is the pain I know you feel by only having two male celebrities who are constantly naked.

Anyway, in the days prior to the internet, I can understand why some ladies might not feel comfortable going into the 7-Eleven and getting your groove on by purchasing a Playgirl, but this is the internet age now, and you all have money. You would think some magazine would charge you $4 or $5 a month and use that money to get someone like Kian to pose nude, and give you something to look forward to each month and something to Google for when your significant other pisses you off by eating his 13th Krispy Kreme and Budweiser chaser.

Look at all the good ideas Playboy. See, I don't hold a grudge even though you got my site knocked down for four hours yesterday.


tania said...

Nice ideas, Ent! God knows we ladies are a tad shortchanged in the dick-slip department. We mostly have to make do with the occasional egregious moose-knuckle sighting. (And Cisco's danglers, which don't count due to extreme 'eww'! factor).
Kian, though? Not my dream nekkid man..... I'm sure there will be plenty of alternative suggestions though!

Wait, how did Playboy bring the site down? I noticed the downtime, I wondered wtf.

Anonymous said...

He does nothing for me. I wouldn't want to see him naked.

Tracee said...

Ent, WTF happened. I was really worried someone got all PerezHilton on your ass. Deets puhlease.

We are shortchanged! I like to see hot straight men...even gay men. i can pretend as long as he looks like a passer. But gay men have all the luck. They get all the good stuff.

I want hot nekkid porny men for straight horny women.

Can I get an amen?

jax said...

right on..the power of perverts or is it the power of Kim's ass?

KK's ass can bring down a website, now THAT is talent folks.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Hold on, homosexual with a question here... Vinny Gallo and Cisco Adler are CELEBRITIES???
Since when? Was there some sort of palace revolt?
Does offering your sperm for sale on the internet and/or hanging with Paris make you a celebrity now?

littleoleme said...

Judging from the picture I think this guy would like it if plenty a boy wanted to see him naked.

Anonymous said...

merlin: Vinny used to make movies (some good, some pretentious), and then had Chloe Sevigny go down on him in Brown Bunny, he cursed Ebert's colon, and you don't mess with Ebert and he's been hawking his juice to make money since.

Ent did forget about Shemar Moore at the nude beach. And there was no shrinkage, yum.

Tracee said...

Awww, Shemar, that tasty looking man...took me months to get over that pic. Thanks for the reminder dnfrommn!

tania said...

Ah yes, Shemar! Thanks for the reminder. He was just a sample though - we want more like that...

Jax, it wasn't KK's ass that brought the site down, it was her shaved beav! ;-P

jax said...

Tania- wow now there is a glowing recommendation for shaving the beav
"it'll bring down your blog!" said...

ENT, can we start having "Johnny Depp Friday"? Just one pic, each Friday? To start the weekend?


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