Friday, May 18, 2012

Elephant Killer King Of Spain Cheating On His Wife

It has been awhile since I have posted photos of Princess Letizia on the site because it just was not getting me anywhere. I figured that someday she would see them and my love for her and leave the future King of Spain for me. Turns out that I picked the wrong member of the royal family. According to Vanity Fair- Spain, the King Of Spain has been cheating on his wife with the woman above. The woman above has a really long name so I am only going to write it once. Corinna zu Sayn Wittgenstein. She is also a princess through her second husband. Apparently Corinna has now fled Spain as details have emerged how she and the King like to take trips together and don't exactly sleep in separate bedrooms. The King is 74 and Corinna is 46. This has been going on for almost a decade, but is just now becoming public. I don't really like the King or Corinna and not just because of the cheating. They both have participated in elephant hunts and killed them. Why?


RenoBlondee said...

A King cheating? What????!!!!!!!
I'm outraged! Shocked I tell you!

MISCH said...

Now this is Carlos the one that Franco allowed to sit on the throne ? Isn't he married to a Greek Princess...I need to look this up...

Patty said...

Is Juan Carlos still the King?

nichole said...

@MISCH - you are correct, Queen Sophia of Spain was a Greek princess before she married Juan Carlos.

If you are into royal lineage, you can get lost in Wikipedia figuring out how they are all interconnected. Most remaining monarchs and the ones that fell most recently trace back to Queen Victoria somehow.

Beth said...

The royalty of Europe are one big inbred mess!

Btw, can I just mention by brush with fame here? Queen Sofia once came into the bookshop where I worked. She was very lovely. She sat on a kickstool while reading Lonely Planets. Then she came upstairs and bought a giant pile of those tiny gift books. She paid me with a fifty-pound note. She was with her sister, another disposed Greek princess. The Spanish guy I worked with damn near had a heart attack.

billybob said...

The durrrty old dog!

Cindy said...

Umm....didn't Prince Charles do the same thing? -- must be a royalty thing (not)

Seachica said...

It's good to be the king.

Viking Girl said...

''They both have participated in elephant hunts and killed them. Why?''

Because they can. They are rich, bored and entitled. They can do whatever they like whenever they like. What's a person to do when they don't have to earn a living, with all that time to kill?

What a waste of a life. ( I mean the humans).

Manda_kitty said...

Did anyone notice that "the woman" links to maytag appliances?

Jana said...

The Spanish Royals have a long-time fixation on guns and killing. Juan-Carlos accidentally killed a younger brother with a shotgun and his own grandson recently injured himself with a shotgun. Juan-Carlos has killed many elephants and was a part of a bear hunt in Russia where the animal in question was fed vodka so it would be easier to track and kill. The mistress of Juan-Carlos has fled to Monaco to escape the press; she has also retained legal counsel.

Frufra said...

@Beth - awesome story!

As for the elephant hunts - think it's beyond awful, and I typically support hunting, at least the kind regular humans participate in where they do it for food - deer, etc.

My hubby's former boss was a big game hunter who loved nothing more than to go to Africa and hunt - the worst two were giraffe and elephant, IMO. I lost all respect for the man when I saw the giraffe mount in his office, then heard his elephant story - " it was sick, so they were going to put it down anyway, so I paid a buttload of money and they let me shoot it" - I'm paraphrasing, of course.

Maybe he can go hang around in ICU, and they'll let him pull the plug on someone. I know animals and people are different, but I think that's the only thrill left for him. Most Dangerous Game, anyone. Sicko.

I'm done ranting. For now.

Frufra said...


Too fired up to properly punctuate.

Texshan said...

"They both have participated in elephant hunts and killed them. Why?"

Why? Because they are assholes.

I don't understand hunting, trophy hunting in particular, and I don't care to. People who delight in killing animals are psychopaths. It's one thing to hunt to feed yourself and your family. It's quite another to kill highly social, intelligent, family-oriented inedible animals.

On his last elephant hunt, King J-C fell and broke a hip. Karma's a bitch, dude. Too bad he couldn't have been put down.

MadLyb said...

I'm still trying to wrap my mind around the sort of person who would kill an elephant for fun? I understand hunting game animals like deer as I know many people who are on a budget and actually use the meat. I respect someone who has the balls to kill their own food, even recognizing that part of it is for the primal hunter-gatherer thrill. But people who shoot tigers, bears, elephants, deer or any creature for the sheer sport of it disgust me.

califblondy said...

I've missed seeing pictures of your crush, Enty, don't give up on love. Bring back the Princess. I love her style.

BigMama said...

Why? because they are scum sucking asshats.

Sherry said...

Elephants numbers are greatly decreasing and their habitat is being destroyed. These people are jerks and I find hunting of any animal (unless you're going to eat it) is abborent. And I don't mean bush meat either. If anyone has seen elephants you'll know they are so close to humans in emotions it's amazing. Breaks my heart to her of any animal killed period.

Aly said...

Let's have an item about Prince Phillip's mistress.

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

I've never understood trophy hunting, either, for all the reasons everyone else has given. If you really enjoy shooting, isn't there another way to do it that doesn't involved killing innocent creatures that you can't even eat? Grrrrrrr.....

Syko said...

Elephants are such amazing creatures. Just this week I was reading how, when the "elephant whisperer" died, herds of elephants made a 12 hour trek to his house to pay tribute to him. I can't bear the thought of such complex animals being hunted for fun.

I worked for a lawyer once who was a big game hunter. His office was hideous. Every wall, every corner, either had something dead and stuffed, or pictures of him kneeling beside something with its tongue hanging out. His conference room chairs were elephant feet. One time he had me clean up his desk for him and I had to touch a stuffed duck. I lasted about six weeks and moved on to another employer, it was unbearable to be there 8 hours a day.

matt_b said...

King Juan Carlos II was Franco's designated successor; he was groomed to be Spain's fascist dictator, and spent years telling Franco just what he wanted to hear, about how he would preserve fascism after the general died. Pretty much the minute Franco's body hit the ground, the king said 'Yeah, about that fascism thing, I was lying. I'm going to give up all my powers and let Spain be a liberal democracy'.

A few years later a group of army officers staged a coup, supposedly on the king's behalf. Juan Carlos went on TV and basically told the coup leaders to go to hell, and that he would defend Spanish democracy with his life if necessary.

So yeah, he may he 20 kinds of asshole. But he's earned his right to be 20 kinds of asshole. Maybe the world could use a few more rich, entitled assholes like this guy.

Jasmine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jasmine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jasmine said...

Matt_b- that is actually a pretty cool story, thanks for sharing :)

Though I guess the dude still retains some sort of those fascist tendencies when he does whatever the hell he wants to and damn those who suffer, in his hunting practices.

You can give with one hand to those in need but if the other hand does harm how much of a good person are you really?

Pookie said...

i am vehemently against killing as sport, so i'm w/ everyone on that point...BUT, matt_b is speaking all sorts of truth a few posts up.

personally, i will forever love king jc for being the BADASS MOTHERF*CKER who, in true badass-ness, told a son-of-a-bitch, ruthless, asshole dictator...a one hugo chávez, to shut up. swear to god, it was my ringtone for a while there. that moment was so full of #WIN i could've KISSED king jc. HARD.

¿Por qué no te callas? Wiki

¿Por qué no te callas? YouTube

Sherry said...

Quite the dichotomy caring about human rights but not giving a shit about any other animals on the planet. But then one of the other things on the site here was a possible hoax so I will reserve any further criticism for Juan until I do more research.

Texshan said...

Sherry, are you referring to the elephant hunting being a hoax? Because it's not. There are photos and everything. He's open about it.

Matt B., if the world had more rich, entitled assholes like Juan Carlos, there would be no animals left in Africa. So screw him. Just because some dude does one thing right, that doesn't make him a good guy. Hitler loved his dog, after all.

AuntJess said...

He is vile. I don't know if I would ever pick up another gun after killing my brother. I deff would not go off killing innocent endangered animals. Also this trash above kind of looks like Queen Sofia circa about 40 years ago. He has a type.

Caroline said...

It is amazing the amount of good will the royal family is burning through lately. The king's son-in-law has been indicted for all kinds of fraud and there's some question of how much everyone in the family knew.
However, Juan Carlos is old and old people here love him. The Porque no te callas? moment with Chavez was pretty awesome and he does have a rightful place in the story of Spain's transformation into a democrazy (typo- stays). His health is not so great and I think he will probably pass away before the other shoe drops, frankly. As for his progeny though, who knows.

Unknown said...

I'd like to see both of them ass raped then trampled by a herd of elephants

CamelToeNail said...

I'd like to see then both ass raped then trampled by a heard of elephants.

WUWT? said...

Why hunt elephants?
To make Elephant Stew of course!

Cut elephant into bite-size pieces.
(This takes about 2 months.)

Using large kettles, simmer equal parts elephant and vegetables with enough broth to cover. Cook for a couple days.

Feeds 10,000. If more guests are expected, you may add up to 3 rabbits, but do this only if necessary. Most people don't like to find hare in their stew.

Beta said...

hi guys!
@matt_b so true. the king is part of history and IMO he's the only european king to date that's done any significant thing to history. Just an addition, he wasnt exactly groomed to be the heir since his birth. As you probably know, he was born in the dictatorship and the succesor was Carrero Blanco. Blanco was killed by vasque terrorist group ETA (who continued killing afterwards) and then Franco used the king as the substitute.
When sophia and juan carlos were married they were not entitled to the throne.

having said that, @Caroline, I have to disgress the spanish monarchy is in an all time low. for the time in history there are as many self defined republicans as monarchists (im trying to check the reference in el pais, ill post later).
Case point: this year its the gold anniversary (50th) of the kings and the royal family has released a f'ing powerpoint. Compare that to the jubilee in the uk... They know their popularity is low.
The other I went to the 15M demonstrations here (similar to occupy wall street movement), and there were a billion republican flags everywere.

I am extremely happy that Enty has stopped posting about letizia et al because while I dont have anything in particular agaist letizia, im not a big fan of what she represents.
monarchy itself is a medieval institution which makes no sense in the 21st century.
You have a priviledge family in the midst of a democracy. Makes no sense. Just in economic terms, Monarchies are extremely expensive. Just their honoraries are ~9€ (in spain) plus the immense security expenses. Plus the privilege of living in historic buildings (palaces)
Add a good dose of corruption (Urdangarin), the queen's memoires (where she stated she was against homosexual marriage and abortion), rumours about drug use, hunting trips, etc etc

Personally I dont give a f* who the king is f'ing. After all these people have (or used to have) pre-arranged marriages. But yes, I do care about the hunting. the guy couldn't almost stand, let alone walk, a couple of weeks before. what the f* was he doing in africa?? Brigitte bardot's open letter to him is awesome:

What Jana said is a documented thruth, the guy killed his younger brother in an accident. I mean, I still dont know how he has the courage of holding a gun after that. I wouldnt be able to sleep a single day in my life :/

to end my rant, I deeply appreciate Juan carlos as a historic figure, and the work he's done promoting spanish companies abroad, and working as an ambasador for spain. He's very good at it. I think his merits have given him the right of a position such as the presidency of the republic (like in Italy for ex.). not hereditary monarchy. please.

Beta said...

sorry, I re-read your comment and I agree with you
yeah its true, im amazed the damage they've done to themselves in a couple of months
Here's the link I mention before.
Its a very good analysis of the situation. the interview important businessmen that highlight and analyse the work the king has done for spain and the popularity and credibility of the institution right now

some quick numbers extracted from the article:
"Si en 1996 apostaban por ella el 66% de los encuestados frente a un 13% de republicanos, en 2011, ha pasado a un 49% a 37%, siempre a favor de la Monarquía. Entre los menores de 35 años hay un empate a 45%."

1996: 66% pro-monarchy 13% republican
2011: 49% pro-monarchy 37% republicans
20011 <35year olds: 45% pro-monarchy 45% republican

... they speak for themselves

And YES the "Porque no te callas" was awesome :D


this has been my longest cdan post ever :P Its time to stup up know jeje
have a great weekend everyone :)


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