Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Blind Items Revealed #1

May 23, 2017

Interesting little meeting that happened out of the country in the past week between this very rich foreign businessman who was dating an A+ lister not all that long ago and his former best friend turned enemy A+ list mostly movie actor.

James Packer/Tom Cruise


david said...

Let me quess?!
The topic of conversation was re-joining Scio!

Hothotheat said...

Lol, Tom out proselytizing for the aliens.

Sarah said...

Scios are so creepy. I doubt any of them even have genuine friendships that don't benefit their bottom line of converting people. It's so fucked up.

Haywood Jablomee said...

Tommy Boy, Maria and Brett Ratner. This gullible Aussie sure surrounds himself with an eclectic group of weirdos.

Little Dog said...

Like marrying MiMi, Mother Packer isn't going to let Shrek damage the brand even further by getting mixed up with CoS.

OKay said...

I just saw something that said there are only around 40,000 Scios IN THE WORLD. They're taught that there are millions of them all doing their good works, but there aren't. This cult can't hang on forever.

Anonymous said...

Tom Cruise, James Packer, and Mariah as the one he dated. Brett Ratner, who supposedly isn't a scientologist, is a partner in RatPac films with James Packer, and is the one who introduced Mariah to James.


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