Monday, April 09, 2007

Let's Start With Some Links--ZX Later Today

So Paris Hilton's lawyer doesn't know she has the herp. That would be embarrassing if he had say, spent some time alone with her and not felt any protection was necessary and then went home to Mrs. Lawyer. Seriously, Mr. Lawyer, know your clients so you don't look like an idiot, and so they know you actually do care about them and not just their wallet.

Kirsten Dunst runs out of money, so Johnny Borrell dumped her. I know several readers who will be pleased. They are going to be less pleased to know that he is rumored to be headed back to his ex-girlfriend Fabiola Gatti.

Lauren Conrad tries to repair her image with some guy from American Idol. No, it's not Ryan. It's one of the contestants. You know. One of the people who will fade into obscurity over the next year or so, much like LC.

Charlotte Church takes a holiday in Thailand. Now, really the story here is the photos. Charlotte has put on a few pounds during her pregnancy and I'm okay with that and would never say anything bad about that at all. EVER. BUT, what's the deal with the cornrows in the hair, and when is the proper time to whisper in her ear, "one piece," without being a jackass?

7 comments: said...

Charlotte Church - bless her heart.

Is Kiki divorced by any chance? Are you saying she's busted, ENT, or her allowance for the month ran out?

Anonymous said...

why does ENT hate LC?

And lay off Charlotte.

Rhianna said...

I love Char. She's probably one of the most real "celebs" around. Leave her be, she's lookin' perfectly good for being pregnant!

Anonymous said...

I think Char looks funky w/that top b/c it's not tied around her neck like it's supposed to be-hence the "boobs falling out" look. Other than that-fuck it, she's pregnant, and had put on weight before that, but her man doesn't seem to mind a lil' junk in that trunk.

Anonymous said...

The extra weight isn't from being pregnant. As a matter of fact, I wouldn't have guessed she was pregnant if you hadn't posted it.

She looks like most average women would look in the same get up. She'd look better in a one piece though.

I've always said that just because you can find it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it.

Anonymous said...

okay charlotte church looks like a middle aged woman! eeewwww i mean come on, you're not an average person... you're a CELEBRITY! eeewwwwwww

Anonymous said...

that's gross, never in a million years would i have worn a bikini when i was pregnant. that's just utterly gross, pregnant is NOT sexy... cover that shit up.



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