Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Tom Ford On Madison Opens On Thursday--And Then There's Andre's Box

Tom Ford on Madison opens Thursday and I would love to be there and to be a frequent shopper. I'm hoping they sell key chains so I can afford something they sell. I must warn you in advance that this article from Women's Wear Daily is really long, but is well worth the read. If you want a quick fix for fashion, then just scroll down past these photos, and you will discover Andre.

When I first saw Andre, I thought it was a SNL skit that wasn't used or a spoof on Project Runway. Turns out I was wrong. There really are no words to describe Andre. Andre is Andre and he has a box. Fashion will never be the same.


Anonymous said...

Tom Ford is a god. His new fragrance is utterly gorgeous (and my birthday is coming in a few months, Enty!).

Amber said...

Black box of fierceness!????!?!?! HAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA OH GOD THAT'S GOOD!!!!!


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