Wednesday, April 11, 2007

More Links and Some Random Photos

"Hey Mel. Tell your dad that the Governor of Florida was asked to pardon Jim Morrison for his indecent exposure conviction."

Christina Ricci in Player Magazine
Tyra Banks in her Wizard of Oz dress.

Jesse Metcalfe is going to get naked on stage when he replaces Daniel Radcliffe in Equus.
Nicolas Cage speaks out about his wife and son.
The Doors--The End


Anonymous said...

I think Tyra looks great there! Much better than she looks on America's Next Top Model.

Unknown said...

What have they done to Christina's face...?!

Looking at that picture, it looks like they've Photoshopped one eye further down (or up), because her eyes look like they're each on a completely different part of her face.

Anonymous said...

It's eerie to view this blog and listen to the doors 'the End'.

But maybe doing anything with that song in the background would make it eerie.

Anonymous said...

Tyra looks like she wants some ketchup to go with that small woman shes about to devourer.

tigereye said...

yeah, I think the Doors could possibly make anything eerie/drug hazed feeling(trippy)/somehow philosophical

Thanks for the song ENt, nice little addition to my morning.

Ricci has taken MUCH better pictures, love her, not so much that cover.

meltish said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting The Doors, fits my mood this day of Friday the 13th. Maybe you could do a weekly or monthly theme, first theme being Woodstock...just a thought:)


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