Wednesday, April 11, 2007

J-Lo And Marc Anthony Turn Loose Their People To Defend Their Marriage

So, OK! Magazine says J-Lo and Marc Anthony are done and so J-Lo and Marc Anthony are upset and sending people out right and left to defend them. All this says to me is that J-Lo's record isn't doing so well, and she's going to be on American Idol tonight when the furor is at its peak. That's some coincidence isn't it? I wonder if Marc Anthony will show up by J-Lo's side while she sings or if they do a duet together to show their love.

All the OK! story says is that the couple had a fight, went to marriage counseling and that Marc was pissed when J-Lo was dancing with another guy. Well the first two sound like most marriages, and the third was right in front of her husband. For all we know the guy might have been gay.

I will be the first one to tell you that I think Marc is scary and could be Tom's evil twin when it comes to control issues, but in the end I think it's all about record sales and generating some publicity for a really bad album.


Anonymous said...

She's going to get rid of Marc since he couldn't give her a hit record. I don't know who is advising them but I could've told them in advance that her last two records were going to bomb.

Anonymous said...

Bad bad idea to work with your wife/husband.. Johhny Cash and June Carter they are not.

Anonymous said...

Well for starters - Last year OK mag. had nothing but wonderful reports on this couple. Why the switch? The mag's sales have been far less than ok, and they hope that the old staples (break-ups and babies) will keep THEM afloat.

A few more inaccuracies: the article said Jennifer and Marc were kaput (more than just fussing sometimes like all couples do - which is what their defenders said) and that she was calling Diddy "all the time". You need new "sources". Diddy was probably the only boyfriend she's had that she DIDN'T want to marry, when all's said and done. HIs music career's not doing that well. In fact, All CD music sales are down. Where have you been?

As for Amer. Idol - Jen handled her song solo - no duet, LOL , as you predicted.

Finally, Jennifer said in interviews before her all-Spanish album came out - that she wasn't expecting huge sales -and why she made the album (which she bankrolled). "How a Woman Loves" topped the Latin charts for weeks, and it's a beautiful album. While she's isn't Jennifer Hudson - J.Lo got serious finally about training her voice - LIVE singing (no Ashley - but less dancing bec. she still needs to learn how to sing AND dance SIMULTANEOUSLY like Beyonce can ;) but all-in-all: J.Lo can not only sing , she sings well, and in Spanish .. - a very nice surprise.


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