Thursday, April 12, 2007

Author Kurt Vonnegut Dead At 84

He will be missed.


pusssykatt said...

I'm so sad all time favorite writer, and "Breakfast of Champions" my favorite book. He lived one helluva life though. Someplace he's drawing assholes.


Anonymous said...

Bye bye for now magister. A sad sad day. :(

Jill Krementz his wife a great writer as well. "My very first Horse"

Anonymous said...

And another great audiobook is ruined by intellectual bandwagon-jumper Ethan "S-M-R-T" Hawke. I hate that d-bag.

Kurt deserved better in life and death.

Anonymous said...

I'd recommend "Cat's Cradle". I think that was his best novel. If you've ever read Tom Robbins, you'll see that he got his style from Kurt Vonnegut.


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