Friday, April 13, 2007

Another Reason To Love Seann William Scott

A paper recently ran a story that said Seann and David Geffen were spotted going into a gay bar together. Well it turns out the bar didn't even exist and either does the relationship. Does Seann sue? Nope. He didn't even bother to ask for a correction. Now let's imagine if that story had included different actors such as Tom Cruise or John Travolta or Jake Gyllenhaal or any other actor which has ever had a gay rumor whispered, alleged, fabricated or otherwise associated with their name. What would their reaction be? Probably not the same.


Anonymous said...

Since there is no such thing as an A-list but rather a gAy list, almost every member of the so called A list as been considered gay at one time or another, he is tickled pink. Being considered for the gAy is a sing of your success. It means you made it. The measure of it is how often it comes in to play. Of course if you are so deep into Ava Gardener's closet you need a snorkell, you get scared. Otherwise it's flattering.

Anonymous said...

Well, SWS has been rumored to be into rear-end toys and pegging previous to that.

A shame since I grew up only a few blocks away from him and never even knew him til a friend pointed out his house.

Anonymous said...

Scott needs the press, that's why. (No news is good news!)


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