Friday, April 13, 2007

Tom Cruise Gets Stuck And Takes A Ride In A Tow Truck

No, not really. But close. Seems that Tom was trying to prove his ultra coolness while leaving Mastro's the other night. Tom was driving a vintage car and had just signed some autographs and was going to make a getaway back to the house so Katie could be locked down before midnight. Well, the car wouldn't start, and then when it did start, Tom choked and it stalled. From the look on Katie's face I gather she knew that the rest of the evening was not going to be pleasant, but for now she was having fun, fun, fun. I think she was trying to hide a big smile and laugh. Look at the flop sweat on Tom's forehead.

4 comments: said...

He's glib.

bmini said...

haha.. Brendalove your comments are always so witty. Keep em coming!!

Anonymous said...

omg, katie looks as if she's dying ot mkae fun of his embarrassment. love it!

Anonymous said...

This is the best picture of that incident that I've seen. I love the expression on Katie's face. And btw, do you think she could be any farther away from him without crawling into the far corner of the back seat?

I wonder - what is the over/under on this sham? Does anyone buy it? Anyone at all?


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