Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Perfect Stranger New York Premiere

Kimberly Locke--post Celebrity Fit Club
Julia Stiles who seems to only be in the Bourne series now. Hey at least she gets to travel and doesn't have to worry about a day job.

Giovanni Ribisi is one of my favorite actors.

Christy Turlington and Ed Burns.
Bruce and Halle. I do love Bruce's suit.


Eeyore said...

Wow Kimberly! At first glance, before I read the name, I thought that was Vanessa Minillo.

Unknown said...

Pointedly commenting on loving Bruce's suit and not a word on Halle?

I too love Giovanni Ribisi and I think he's a monstrously good actor, but I can't watch him in anything since I learnt that he's a Scientologist. Those people scare me.

Miss N said...

How smug is Ed Burns looking????

I guess I would be looking like that too if Christy was paying attention to my private parts.. and yes i'm a girl..

Unknown said...

Co$ Ribisi looks like an unwashed ferret to me. Female Enty strikes again!


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