Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Joe Francis Arrested!!!

So it's been a few hours now since Joe got arrested and hopefully he is in with the general population and not just in a holding cell. Perhaps he's being sized up for tonight. Even better would be if some of the inmates had a sister or daughter who was featured in his GGW tapes. It's too bad he was just arrested for contempt of court. So, last night he told Geraldo Rivera that he planned on turning himself in and would never run from justice. Well, the airport police saw the convicted sex offender before he could turn himself in and so got a chance to have Joe do his own strip tease for them. Three different stories about the arrest because I could read about it all day. People Magazine-TMZ (with a mug shot that will make you want to smack Joe. Of course he could just be smiling because he enjoyed stripping for the airport police or is enjoying the thought of being some one's bitch later tonight.)--Panama City newspaper (article published before the arrest)


Stacy said...

So he was arrested, but was he flying into the city or was he fleeing?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully someone films his prison love sessions and posts them to the web. If he hasn't been devirginized for backdoor man-love yet - they can do that too just like he did to some poor drunk young woman when he took her virginity on that tour bus.

Amber said...

Hehehe I knew you'd be ecstatic about the news. Me too! Whenever I see a picture of him, it grosses me out. I actually say or think 'eew', then quickly scroll past the nastiness.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:48 - ITA. Stacy, he was flying out, thus fleeing. Ent, regardless of what Joe's doing, I want to smack him. Repeatedly.

Anonymous said...

Karma bites doesn't it Joe?


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