Thursday, April 12, 2007

Jennifer Lopez On American Idol

Her "coaching" the contestants

Her Performance


Anonymous said...

I was actually really impressed with J-Lo...I know she's a diva, but she really does have a sweet personality and seemed to really help the kids.

Also-I was actually really impressed with her performance. I think Spanish language music is really her forte.


Anonymous said...

Dang no Marc- I really was thinking it was them in the blind item about her not being able to make the TV appearance without him. She did look over to the side while she was speaking to the Idol contestants- like he was hovering in the wings, but we weren't supposed to know that.... said...

I bet Friday lunch money that Skeletor was in the house

Anonymous said...

Creepo was obviously right there, but the producers probably didn't want him in the shot at least. He certainly is persistent! J-Lo isn't fooling me with her 'realness'. She plops down on the floor (prob. first time in years!) only to be seated in the next shot.

Anonymous said...

All I know is nobody should sing "Smooth" but Rob Thomas. Chris looked like ten year old compared to Rob's sexy, sultry performances! You think J-Lo would have told him to bag it.

Anonymous said...

have you guys never heard of playback? that's all jenny from the block can do. no vocal prowess to carry on that song.



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