Thursday, April 12, 2007


The past week has been the worst of LC's life. I know I said I was done talking about her, but I really do feel sorry for her. Besides, whenever I link to US Weekly it gives you the chance to enter that Brody Jenner contest again.

Leonardo to be a daddy?

Pete Doherty says he and Kate are engaged. I doubt Pete even knows what day it is or maybe who Kate even is. I didn't think it was possible for a man to be skinnier than Kate Moss, but Pete is really trying to pull that feat off.

John Travolta will not be joining the rest of the cast of Hairspray when they are on The Today Show. Instead, John will be going solo over at Good Morning America. Make one Scientologist mad, then you make them all mad. At least they stick together.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. YUCK! said...

A DiCaprio baby on the way, huh? That baby will be hot.

Kate and Pete - its true love! Okay, in a very strange, demented and perverse way, but its still love!

Anonymous said...

Well, if Perez is reporting that there is a tape (of LC) maybe he made it with his superior photoshopping skills.... so they'll be no problem telling its a fake!

(ok, I'll go away quietly now...)

Anonymous said...

I like your Hills posts.

LC needs to adjust her "friends" radar. She picks some real turds for friends. She is way too nice! Most of her so-called friends are users who just want to get famous. I couldn't believe she fell for Brody's lines either! How naive. She was right about Spencer though - what a scumbag manipulator.

Anonymous said...

Who in the hell is the clown in background with them sunglasses on that my five-year old wears?

Let me shut up before he jumps out of the picture and kicks my ass.


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